Lawyers who sent Dallas Buyers Club letters face consequences

Last year, we (Internet Society Singapore Chapter) formally complained to the Law Society of Singapore that two lawyers had issued letters threatening criminal proceedings, fines and prison, against people who they accused of pirating the film DALLAS BUYERS CLUB. This type of threat is not allowed under the Law Society’s Practice Directions here. We, at the Internet Society, believe that the current case presented a good chance to reflect on some developments for future improvements to the protection of intellectual property rights in a world of sharing, streaming and downloading, where innocent Internet users can continue to use the Internet without fear.  You can read our detailed reasons and the complaint at this page

Now the Law Society of Singapore has replied that their inquiry committee has decided that a formal investigation by a disciplinary tribunal is not necessary, but the lawyers “should be given a warning, reprimand or order to pay a penalty of not more than S$10,000”.

More details are available in this news report from the TODAY newspaper

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