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Webinar on Disruptive Urban Planning 28/4

Webinar: 28 April 2017, 6 pm Singapore time

Watch the recording here

Our SMART CITIES reflect the convergence of data and energy in architectural typologies that are DISRUPTIVE but POSITIVE

Join our data analysis expert Prof Iain MacDonald to discover
* How do non-cultural entities will shape our experience of the city and the pervasiveness of ‘sentience’ as sensors become ubiquitous?
* How does this inform our meta urban planning strategies ie digital real estate and the sentient and sensual city invested with ‘new and unexpected functionalities and meanings.’?
* Is modernism re-emerging as big data? wherein machine learning and artificial intelligence join than human aesthetic, taste and spatial requirements as determining factors?

Explore deeper questions like
– Is smartness not just about creativity?
– Is the era of the industrial city not over but rather transforming,
re-tooling, with the disruptive potential of Industry 4.0, countering the cultural and economic ‘tunnel’ effect?
– Wiith growing pressure to release industrial land, particularly near existing or proposed public transport nodes, and a general restriction on supply, do we need new typologies eg ‘Smart Shed’ and new allocations for industry in locations that fit Industry 4.0 requirements?

About the speaker
Iain is a Director of Scott Brownrigg and leads the practice’s Advanced Technologies group. He has extensive experience of planning, designing and delivering complex projects characterised by the transformative impact emerging technology has in shaping architecture and cities.
After working with several leading practices he founded Arquitectura having won an international competition, later becoming European director of a FTSE listed practice leading London and Paris based teams. Many architectural and
masterplanning projects have encompassed working closely with leading engineers, economists, brand, and technology specialists and continues today following clients across national borders and typologies of design.
Currently Ian and his group are focussing on tdisruptive planning through new combinations of urban use and ROI such as ‘Smart Block. and ‘High Rise Data, ‘Smart Shed’ concerning advances in logisitics as well as designing Europe’s largest nuclear power station.
A former head of the School of Architecture at NTU, Iain’s work has been published and exhibited in Europe, USA and Asia, He has presented internationally including Harvard, MIT, WAPIC, UCL, MIPIM, U-City Seoul and ETH.