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Who is the Internet Society?

The Internet Society is a global cause-driven organization governed by a diverse Board of Trustees that is dedicated to ensuring that the Internet stays open, transparent and defined by you.

We are the world’s trusted independent source of leadership for Internet policytechnology standards, and future development

Our Singapore Chapter was approved by the global organization of the Internet Society in June 2011.

Some of our Activities

  • Organizing events and opportunities that bring people together to share insights and opinions
  • Providing reliable information and educational opportunities that include training workshops
  • Engaging policy, governance, technology, and development issues

Our Singapore Chapter Objectives

  • To advance and promote the use of the Internet and its associated technologies and applications, as a means of enabling organisations, professions, and individuals worldwide to more effectively collaborate, cooperate, and innovate in their respective fields and interests in Singapore.
  • To deliver a wide range of Internet educational initiatives
  • To promote the expansion of Internet access at all levels of the local community
  • To provide forums for professional networking and knowledge sharing.
  • To promote recruitment and job market development in local technology industries
  • To develop and lead the expansion of broad community access and infrastructure development.

The Chapter is established as a non-profit organisation under the laws of Singapore.


We welcome comments and feedback. If you are interested in getting involved, please email us at


(Internet Society Singapore Chapter participating in a regional video meeting of the Internet Society on building trust online)


  1. Hi There!

    We’re having a free expo at The IoT Show Asia 2016, taking place from 1-2 September at Suntec Singapore. The Free Expo will featured free workshops on IoT deployments and case studies at our IoT University and exhibition filled with the latest IoT Technologies. The Expo is open for free registration now at and I wonder if you would be able to share this information with your members as this event will be of interest to them.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Dear Internet Society,

    I am currently studying Masters in International Relationships (ASEAN Studies). Internet regulations and open data issue among Southeast Asia countries have been my interest for my dissertation’s topic. I hope you may help me to pass the information regarding internship availability at Internet Society Singapore. Thank you.

    • Hi Agita, thank you for your post and sorry we didn’t see it earlier. Please email us at so we can follow up with you.

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