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Forum on Falsehoods – Fighting Disinformation on the Open Internet

You are warmly invited to our forum which we are organizing for you to determine how deliberate online falsehoods, and laws regulating them, can affect you or your organization, and for you to participate in the public consultation on this topic. 

At the request of the Government, Parliament has appointed a Select Committee to study the problem of deliberate online falsehoods and to recommend how Singapore should respond. The Ministry of Communications and Information and the Ministry of Law have issued a Green Paper titled “Deliberate Online Falsehoods: Challenges and Implications”, setting out the reasons for appointing the Select Committee. (

The Select Committee has invited the public to submit written representations, and encourages everyone with an interest in this subject to write in with their views and suggestions. The closing date is Feb 28, 2018. (

Download the materials from here

Annexe A: Green Paper

Annexe B: Factsheet on Select Committee

Annexe C: Infographic on Deliberate Online Falsehoods

Annexe D: Infographic on the Select Committee Process

Event details

Venue: Room 901 at NTUC Centre at Marina Blvd

Date/time: 23 Feb 2018 from 7 pm – 9 pm.

Admission is free but seats are limited, so please register by emailing [email protected]


6.30pm Registration

7.00pm Introduction lecture explaining ‘deliberate online falsehoods’:

– The entities and individuals that engage in spreading misinformation and their motivations.

– Concerns and impact from the spread of online falsehoods on Singapore.

– Possible ways to prevent and combat the spread of online falsehoods.

7.30pm Q&A and public discussion

Our guest speakers are experts in the research of deliberate online falsehoods

Learning outcomes

You will be able to 

(a) Understand how the increasing threat of deliberate online falsehoods applies to you and your organization

(b) Apply methods for dealing with deliberate online falsehoods in your daily life, commercial dealings and professional work.

(c) Discuss policies and steps for dealing with this issue while preserving the open Internet

Participation in Public Consultation

We will compile the feedback and provide them in ISOC.SG’s written submission to the Select Committee studying deliberate online falsehoods.