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Keeping Up With The Tech Companies: How Quickly Should Our Laws Evolve?

Monday, 17 March 2014

Event report coming soon. 

ISOC Singapore organized a roundtable discussion at the offices of Pinsent Masons MPillay LLP on the growing importance of the sharing and knowledge economy. The event bought together regulators (such as the Media Development Authority), tech companies (such as eBay, AirBNB and Google), academics and experts to discuss how emerging business models were disrupting existing regulatory frameworks, and how regulation could keep up with an industry that moved at lightning-fast speeds.

Participants debated the evolving role of governments as promoters and change agents, and suggested that governments and businesses (startups, SMEs and multinationals) need to kickstart a dialogue on compliance, competitiveness and the public interest – with their attendant complex trade-offs and balances.

The discussion followed Chatham House rules, and the free-form nature of the event produced many suggestions and ideas, from frameworks to allow “permissionless, agile innovation” to strategies that allow businesses to self-organize and make their needs better known.