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IPv6 Launch Anniversary

Date: Thursday, 13 June 2013

Time: 5pm to 8pm

Venue: Club Lava @ Chijmes

“The future is IPv6,” said Vice-chairman Sanjeev Gupta of the Singapore IPv6 forum, “and as migrants to that future , we might as well get ahead of the curve and integrate. “

Mr Gupta was speaking at an IPv6 Launch Anniversary event at Chijmes on 13 June 2013, organised by Progreso Training and the IPv6 Forum with support from the Singapore Internet Research Center (SiRC) and ISOC Singapore.

Sanjeev Gupta speaking at the IPv6 Launch Anniversary event.

Sanjeev Gupta speaking at the IPv6 Launch Anniversary event


Around 70 people turned out for the event, a mix of Network Engineers, IT Managers, C-Levels and other ICT professionals. The discussions, over snacks and beverages in a casual, laid-back atmosphere, focused on the latest IPv6 adoption numbers, and challenges still ahead.

While the future may look promising, Mr Gupta underscored the fact this year, 2013, was “not the year of IPv6”. Traffic via IPv6 networks remains miniscule as a percentage of total traffic, and attendees hypothesized that no large public network would become V6-only anytime soon.

Yet marginal gains are being made. While Singapore is slow to adopt (Mr Gupta attributes it to lower growth rates due to its status as a mature ICT economy: “Your business will not collapse if you don’t shift to v6”), growth in other ASEN countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines is, in his words, “exploding.”

That in turn, discussants said, would spur government mandates and industry regulators in Singapore to push and adopt IPv6.

Attendees then discussed issues of planning, technology choice, evaluation and deployment – focusing on the nitty-gritties of what this would mean for Network Components/Infrastructure, Client Devices, and Services Readiness.

“Growth in IPv6 is at the edges,” Mr Gupta said. “And we have the edges!”

Event attendees at Club Lava in Chijmes

Event attendees at Club Lava in Chijmes