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10 Tips for Data Privacy Day


Source: The Internet Society.

January 28 – Data privacy day


Online harassment and cyber bullying are real. And, some groups, such as women, are targeted more than others. Sadly, who you are affects how you are treated by others online, as well as offline.

A powerful way to counter online abuse, threats and violence is to share our knowledge with each other. So, to mark this year’s International Data Privacy Day, the Internet Society would like to share with you 10 tips to protect yourself and others online:

Know the terrain. The Internet is a powerful tool for communication. Learn how to use the Internet, keep your eyes open for good and bad actors, and make the most of what the Internet offers.

Keep your private life private. Keep your personal information separate from your professional role. Use different personas for different roles.

Protect communications. Use end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication for confidential communications.

Obscure your location. Remove location data from images and videos before posting. Turn off application access to location. Don’t disclose your location in public posts.

Guard your devices. They’re more precious than any jewels. Protect them from both physical and digital tampering. Use encryption and strong access credentials.

Prepare for an attack. Find allies and prepare a plan for dealing with online harassment, doxing and other forms of abuse. Don’t feed the trolls! They don’t deserve your attention.

Stand firm. Don’t let cyber bullies undermine what you are doing. Show them you are not afraid. Others will stand with you. Be willing to ask for help.

Beware of Trojan horses. Look out for spear-phishers. Check before connecting with someone new. If something seems too good to be true, it probably isn’t!

Lead. Share your experience with others. Let people know that you are there to help.

Protect others. If you host user-generated content, prevent users from posting derogatory or other abusive messages. Help remove personal information that has been exposed to hurt someone. Report offenders

Share these tips with someone close to you!

And don’t sit by when you see abuse on social media. Offer a helping hand.

Feedback Session on Cybersecurity Act

What can we expect from Singapore’s new, standalone Cybersecurity Act coming this year?
What are some clarifications or improvements we could suggest, or fresh ideas to contribute?
Join our panel of experts, Sarbojit Bose, Jay Nagarajan (Education Chair), Magda Chelly and Indranil Mukherjee (Vice President), moderated by Benjamin Ck Ang (Programme Chair), to learn more and to share your frank views on the following areas:
(1) Management of and response to cyber threats
(2) Protection of Critical Information Infrastructure
(3) Sharing of cybersecurity information with and by regulators
(4) Gaps and needs for standards
We look forward to seeing you at the discussion and hearing your views.
Admission is free for all ISOC Members.
Thurs 19 January 2017, 7.30pm · 25A Smith St, Singapore
To find out how to become a Member, or to RSVP, please comment on our Facebook Event