2020 Events for Singapore Chapter

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Ankur and Srinivasa at FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit 2020

Ankur and Srinivasa at FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit 2020

  • Securing global routing / MANRS
  • Securing time (NTS extension to NTP)
  • Open Standards / Tactical Tech
  • Accessibility & Digital Inclusivity
  • Elections and Online Regulations
  • Emergency / Community networks
  • Contract for the Web
  • APRGIF Accessibility SIG
  • Update on UNGGE and UN OEWG

ISOC at FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit

Our first event of 2020 was our presence at FOSSASIA Open Technology Summit 2020*, so participants could meet us and find out how to can get involved in our Workshops and Webinars this year, for education and for networking. 

(*FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit is Asia’s leading Open Technology conference for developers, companies, educators, and IT professionals since 2009. Every year we host the FOSSASIA Summit featuring some of the most talented technologists and decision makers in the field. During the four day summit 3,000+ developers, scientists, and entrepreneurs convene to collaborate, share information and learn about the latest in open technologies, including Artificial Intelligence software, DevOps, Cloud Computing, Linux, Science, hardware and more.)

Olivia at our FOSSASIA booth

Olivia at our FOSSASIA booth

Our Committee for 2020-2021

The new Committee for the Singapore Chapter was elected and takes office from 1 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2020. They are (From left to right) Roland Turner (Communications), Arul Gobinath (Auditor), Dr Ranjith Nayar (Ext Liaison), Srinivasa Rao (Education), Ankur Gupta (Vice President), Jay Nagarajan (President), Sofia Morales (Secretary), Benjamin Ang (Programmes), Sanjeev Gupta (Treasurer), Harish Pillay (Auditor)

Internet Society Singapore Chapter Executive Committee 2020-2021

Internet Society Singapore Chapter Executive Committee 2020-2021

Seminar on Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill


We (ISOC Singapore Chapter) are hosting this educational seminar on the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill. Come if you want to learn more about the sections of the Bill. Don’t rely on fake news, get your real education here.

Thursday, April 25, 2019 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Red Hat, 8 Shenton Way · Singapore

Please send us an email at isocsg@gmail.com for detailed directions

7.00 pm – Registration and snacks
7.30 pm – Talks by
Adjunct Professor Tan Kevin Y L, Faculty of Law, NUS
Prof Ang Peng Hwa Professor, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU
Prof Cherian George, Professor of Media Studies at the Journalism Department of Hong Kong Baptist University
Other speakers may be added in the coming days, watch this space
8.30 pm – Q&A
9.00 pm – End

Please download your own copy of the Bill (to save trees, we will not be providing printouts) at https://www.parliament.gov.sg/docs/default-source/default-document-library/protection-from-online-falsehoods-and-manipulation-bill10-2019.pdf

Please feel free to share this event to friends or colleagues who may be interested. Please email us for the location of the conference room (Red Hat Asia Pacific has many rooms on different floors).


ISOC.SG Discussion on IMDA IOT Cyber Security Guide

ISOC Singapore Chapter hosted this Roundtable to seek views on IMDA’s new IOT Cyber Security Guide.

The proceedings were summarized and submitted for the IMDA public consultation.


Background: IMDA sought views and comments from members of the public and the industry on the content of IMDA’s new guide which provides recommendations and guidance to IoT users and vendors in securing their IoT devices and networks.
– You can download the IOT Cyber Security Guide from https://www.imda.gov.sg/regulations-licensing-and-consultations/consultations/consultation-papers/2019/consultation-for-iot-cyber-security-guide

Sofia Morales, President

harish indranil2

ISOC.SG participates in NTUC roundtable on ICT

12 March 2018, Monday, Singapore

ISOC.SG was invited to and attended the NTUC roundtable on ICT  where the Labour Movement signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with three new U Associate (UA) partners on 12 March 2018 with AI Singapore, (ISC)2 Singapore Chapter and Tech Singapore Advocate, as part of ramping up efforts to address the growing challenges and manpower needs in the industry.

The number of ICT UA partners now stands at 12, up from five last year. With these partnerships, the Labour Movement can now reach out to 40,000 professionals in the ICT sector. 

Senior Minister of State (SMS) for Communications and Information Dr Janil Puthucheary also had a discussion with various ICT UA leaders on how the Labour Movement can work together with the UA and tripartite partners to grow the ICT workforce. Topics included challenges such as shortage of skilled manpower in the ICT sector and how to overcome them.

For more details click here for the NTUC report

ISOC attends NTUC Roundtable on ICT

Forum on Falsehoods – Fighting Disinformation on the Open Internet

You are warmly invited to our forum which we are organizing for you to determine how deliberate online falsehoods, and laws regulating them, can affect you or your organization, and for you to participate in the public consultation on this topic. 

At the request of the Government, Parliament has appointed a Select Committee to study the problem of deliberate online falsehoods and to recommend how Singapore should respond. The Ministry of Communications and Information and the Ministry of Law have issued a Green Paper titled “Deliberate Online Falsehoods: Challenges and Implications”, setting out the reasons for appointing the Select Committee. (https://www.mlaw.gov.sg/content/minlaw/en/news/press-releases/select-committee-deliberate-online-falsehoods.html

The Select Committee has invited the public to submit written representations, and encourages everyone with an interest in this subject to write in with their views and suggestions. The closing date is Feb 28, 2018. (https://www.channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore/select-committee-on-deliberate-online-falsehoods-invites-public-9865960)

Download the materials from here

Annexe A: Green Paper

Annexe B: Factsheet on Select Committee

Annexe C: Infographic on Deliberate Online Falsehoods

Annexe D: Infographic on the Select Committee Process

Event details

Venue: Room 901 at NTUC Centre at Marina Blvd

Date/time: 23 Feb 2018 from 7 pm – 9 pm.

Admission is free but seats are limited, so please register by emailing info@isoc.sg


6.30pm Registration

7.00pm Introduction lecture explaining ‘deliberate online falsehoods’:

– The entities and individuals that engage in spreading misinformation and their motivations.

– Concerns and impact from the spread of online falsehoods on Singapore.

– Possible ways to prevent and combat the spread of online falsehoods.

7.30pm Q&A and public discussion

Our guest speakers are experts in the research of deliberate online falsehoods

Learning outcomes

You will be able to 

(a) Understand how the increasing threat of deliberate online falsehoods applies to you and your organization

(b) Apply methods for dealing with deliberate online falsehoods in your daily life, commercial dealings and professional work.

(c) Discuss policies and steps for dealing with this issue while preserving the open Internet

Participation in Public Consultation

We will compile the feedback and provide them in ISOC.SG’s written submission to the Select Committee studying deliberate online falsehoods.