Inaugural Business Meeting Report

The Birth of Internet Society Singapore Chapter

It’s official! After many years of mulling it over, some years of plots and plans, and then several months of paperwork, the Internet Society Singapore Chapter (ISOC SG) was finally inaugurated on November 25, 2011. The first Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at Restoran Tepak Sireh to welcome the 28 founding members who hail from various industry sectors in Singapore.

Pro-tem President and Director of the Singapore Internet Research Centre, Prof Ang Peng Hwa introduced ISOC SG’s constitution and by-laws, objectives, and future activities. Among the items discussed were identifying stakeholders for the society’s activities, taking steps to encourage participation from youths and professionals, and publicity strategies for the Chapter’s activities.

Dinner was served thereafter, with the members socializing, exchanging project ideas and engaging in Internet-related dialogues.

Gracing the occasion was Rajnesh Singh, regional bureau director for Asia, who left for the airport at the end of the party. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “It’s very encouraging for us to see the Singapore chapter established. We look forward to be supportive of whatever it needs to do locally and we hope that it will make a vibrant chapter.”

ISOC SG was chartered in June this year and approved by the Singapore Registry of Societies in October, being one of the youngest chapters to date. However young, it already set its goals and objectives in harnessing the Internet’s potential in creating a stronger communication and information system in the country. Ultimately, the society aims to develop and lead initiatives for the expansion of broad community access and infrastructure development. Its objectives are: 1) To  advance and promote the use of the Internet and its associated technologies and applications, and as a means of enabling organisations, professions, and individuals worldwide to more effectively collaborate, cooperate, and innovate in their respective fields and interests in Singapore; 2) Cover the engagement of a wide range of Internet educational initiatives; and 3) Promote the expansion of Internet access at all levels of the local community and provide forums for professional networking and knowledge sharing.