Areas of Service

CITE primarily provides online-related legal information services to online individual users and small businesses, whose financial circumstances or lack of resources precludes them from obtaining legal information elsewhere.

CITE provides information on online matters in the areas of:

a) Intellectual Property (pertaining to online matters only)

Copyright is a bundle of rights given to creators of works to make sure that only they can use and reproduce what they have created for their own purposes. It protects works like novels, computer programs, plays, sheet music and paintings. These rights enable a copyright owner to control the commercial exploitation of his work.

A trade mark is a sign used by a person in the course of business or trade to distinguish his goods or services from those of other traders.

A design refers to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article by an industrial process.

The above definitions have been adopted from the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore IPOS. (Retrieved fromĀ

b) Defamation or liability
c) Domain name disputes
d) Unauthorized access defense
e) Internet write-up review

CITE matches legal and technology experts to individuals who need their assistance. CITE also conducts information sessions and provides articles through its website to educate and inform the public about their rights online.

Our experts provide their time voluntarily under the pro-bono scheme and therefore, there may be occasions when the CITE is unable to provide assistance. CITE will have sole discretion in deciding if a particular request for information will be accepted. Depending on the nature of a request, CITE may refer the request elsewhere.