Exco Positions Open for ISOC.SG
(AGM on 14 August)

Dear Internet Society Singapore Chapter Members,
Our AGM will be held on 14 AUGUST 2015, from 7-9pm. The venue is:
The Hub Singapore, 128 Prinsep Street #01-01, Singapore 188655
More details on how to get there are at
A light buffet will be available.
You must be a member of the Internet Society Singapore Chapter to attend this meeting. If your membership is expiring soon – or has expired – you can renew your membership in cash at the meeting. You can check your membership status online here.
If you would like to stand for elections, or nominate someone for elections, please email us at [email protected]. Many thanks, and looking forward to seeing you all on Friday!
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What happens when innocent end users are accused of copyright infringement? Are the methods of targeting infringers accurate? Are the tactics used by copyright owners ethical? How can we protect both intellectual property and innocent internet users at the same time?
Many of these questions have been raised by the controversial actions of copyright owners (in properties such as the Dallas Buyers Club film) in enforcing their rights against end users that they have accused of infringement.
All these questions and more were covered in our workshop on Sat 11 July 2015 : “Copyright End User Infringement: a view from both sides of the fence, hosted by The Internet Society Singapore Chapter and featuring a panel of experts in the fields of technology law, intellectual property and digital forensics. Click here to read details

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Internet Society lodges ethics complaint with Law Society against lawyers representing Dallas Buyers Club copyright owners

As reported in the TODAY newspaper, the Internet Society Singapore Chapter has lodged a complaint with the Law Society against the lawyers representing the owners of the Dallas Buyers Club copyright. The lawyers had used threats of criminal proceedings to advance civil claims, thus breaching the Law Society’s ethical guidelines for lawyers. Read more about it on TODAYOnline

3 Reasons Why Dallas Buyers Club Threatening Subscribers Doesn’t Stop Piracy

The current case of Internet users being hounded for allegedly downloading the Dallas Buyers’ Club movie is an example of  a shotgun approach to legal tactics that can only backfire. We, at the Internet Society, believe that the current case presents a good chance to reflect on some developments for future improvements to the protection of intellectual property rights in a world of sharing, streaming and downloading, where innocent Internet users can continue to use the Internet without fear. Read the full Opinion / Editorial here
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Photos from the Panel Discussion “Are you Charlie? Online Media, Freedom and Responsibility in Singapore”

We conducted the Panel Discussion “Are you Charlie? Online Media, Freedom and Responsibility in Singapore” on Saturday morning 21 March 2015.
The panel discussed key developments overseas like that of e-citizenship by Estonia and the recent Charlie Hebdo incident, and its implications for Singapore’s smart nation initiative, online citizenship and whether freedom should be tempered by responsibility. The full report can be found here
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