Forum on Blocking Websites

Send your feedback on Blocking Websites – Proposed changes to Singapore Copyright Law

Singapore copyright owners could find it easier to get court orders to block websites which infringe their copyright material end 2014, if proposed changes to the Copyright Act are passed as measures to act against pirate sites. But many questions remain: How easy will it be to get a site blocked? Should it be so easy? What can wrongly blocked (innocent) sites do? Will site blocking actually work?

Internet Society (Singapore) hosted this Forum and Webcast to collect feedback for the Ministry of Law’s Public Consultation. Watch the presentations on the changes, concerns, as well as research on piracy in Singapore. Then join in the debate, share your views and concerns, by commenting on the video or sharing on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram / Google+ hashtag #isocsg or e-mail [email protected]


  1. Benjamin Ang, Education Chair, Internet Society Singapore
  2. Anna Meadows, Director, Sycamore Research and Marketing
  3. Harish Pillay, Internet Society Singapore
  4. Steven Liew, Asian Internet Coalition