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Executive Summary Report

The Internet Society of Singapore together with the Asian Media Information and Communication Centre organised “The Social Internet “conference focusing on “SoLoMo” at the Orchard Parade Hotel from November 16 – 17. The two-day conference saw an attendance of 71 people.

SoLoMo – social, local and mobile – is the merging of social, local and mobile technology.  It targets consumers based on their current location and is designed to be shared through social networks. Commercially, it is used in searches for retail outlets and locating deals and discounts while socially, it can be used to search for friends and check for public transportation.  Education institutions can use SoLoMo as a tool for technical training while non-profit organizations can use it to raise social awareness, increase the organisation’s presence as well as in fund-raising.

The Internet Society Singapore Chapter felt it was apt to focus on SoLoMo as consumers today are constantly accessing their mobile devices to look for deals, search for friends and to play games.  The use of SoLoMo is becoming increasingly prevalent in Singapore and all over the world.

Delivering the keynote address at this event was Mr Loo Cheng Chuan, Head of Local Life, a division of SingTel’s Group Digital Life business.  He shared “Ten Shocking Truths about the Digital Business — What I Learnt from Silicon Valley” in his presentation. His advice to tech start-ups was to be realistic, make the product simple and above all be passionate about the venture. Mr Loo also told the audience that one must be prepared to fail a lot, however the silver-lining is that a company does not have to be big to succeed, small businesses can win big too.

Apart from business, social and educational opportunities in SoLoMo, the conference also had sessions which focused on the challenges and conflicts in SoLoMo, and law and disorder in SoLoMo on the first day. The first session focused on how consumers should protect their data online and employ adequate security measures while the second session informed the audience of cases where information posted online was used for defamation lawsuits. On the second day of the conference, there was a session on how Asian start-ups use SoLoMo to build their business. Speakers in this session spoke of their experience and challenges in having a start-up and they shared many ideas as to how a company can engage its consumers.

Detailed report and presentation slides will be uploaded soon.


Video Clips

Day 1 Opening Session

Day 1 Session 1: SoLoMo — Opportunities for Everyone

Day 1 Session 2: SoLoMo — Challenges and Conflicts

Day 1 Session 3: SoLoMo — Law and Disorder

Day 2 Session 1: Internet Innovation- How Asian Start-Ups use SoLoMo to Build their Business  – Part I

Day 2 Session 2 (with the closing remark) : Internet Innovation- How Asian Start-Ups use SoLoMo to Build their Business  – Part II



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